Bioindustry Management Consulting

Bioindustry Management Consulting

Our dedicated team of well over 100 industry experts advise clients across bioeconomy value chains for example from forestry to packaging and retail as well as from new bio-based materials to novel new end-uses. Our service offerings from corporate strategy to design of processes and from market insights to operational efficiency backed up by understanding of best practices, detailed in-house databases and analysis led by experts in the field ensure your outstanding performance. We want to be your trusted partner.

The world is changing fast – megatrends such as sustainability and climate change, urbanisation and digitalisation bring both challenges and opporutnities to all your stakeholders. Climate change is increasingly shaping the world in which we live. Bio-based alternatives and a circular economy approach have increased in their importance and are becoming the new norm​. To survive and flourish industries and companies, you, need to adapt and innovate at an ever increasing rate. This generates a growing and exciting market for our consulting services.

Our key offerings:
  • Corporate and business strategy and implementation
  • Resource and technology strategy and implementation
  • Operational and business excellence
  • Market insight and modeling
  • Innovation
  • Investments and M&A advisory 
Wolfgang Pospischil
Managing Director, Management Consulting, Austria

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