Digital Waves


We need new solutions to survive and prosper – and the world needs innovations. Especially at the intersection of digital, material, energy and sustainability, innovation is the key. We in Concept Development help making future by being in the whole innovation value chain from helping clients innovate to evaluating, finding and creating sustainable innovations from technology to business models.

To help our clients, Concept Development supports and conducts innovation from applying our AI-based trend and innovation services to being part of creating innovative technical and business solutions. Sometimes innovation is about the questions our clients ask – sometimes it is about coming up with the questions that should be asked.

We believe that a surprisingly large amount of new innovations can be created simply combining and adapting existing solutions in different areas. Likewise, experience has taught us that innovative answers to hard questions seldom consist of one thing only; many pieces are needed to solve a puzzle. Combining e.g. digital (e.g. AI) and materials (e.g. bio-based new products from biochemicals to advanced biocomposites) innovations with energy and sustainability is  a future worth making. Using the latest methods to bring out the best in the client’s knowhow, combining it with the best innovations here and now and on the horizon is also a very satisfactory way to solve problems across sectors and management consulting.

The offerings of Concept Development are meant to change and develop – and also surprise when relevant. Some of the key areas now are

  • Innovation services
  • Startup services
  • AI-based solutions from trend analysis to price forecasts and consumer analysis
  • Technology assessment and forecasts from digital to materials
  • Plastics substititution and #PlasticsToBio
Wolfgang Pospischil
Managing Director, Management Consulting, Austria

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