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About the CCMS in AFRY Zert CLM

AFRY Zert CLM an all-in-one solution for technical documentation

AFRY Zert CLM is Content Lifecycle Management as a cloud-based solution with a lot of potential. By combining the functionality of a CCMS and single-source format placing it in a cloud solution the program enables time saving reuse of components from one reliable source.

The program is based on a Component Content Management System (CCMS) which means that the content is managed on component level (pictures, phrases, tables, chapters), unlike a Content Management System (CMS) that manage information on document level.The component level maximizes reuse and that is decisive for the lifecycle part of CLM.

Each component is saved one time in the system (single-source), and can be reused in the same or in other publications. By using components the content becomes consistent and reliable and can with ease be published on different platforms, for example PDF for web or print or a modern responsive HTML-format.

In a CMS where you work with the whole document, the content becomes contextually and results in a narrow area of use. Components, on the other hand, are modular, and to high extent, easily reusable. Among other things will this functionality in AFRY Zert CLM enable sections to be used independent of the content before and after, in different contexts such as chapters.

Content on this component level is efficiently managed, maintained and is easy to keep up to date. In addition the lead time to publishing is very short and since each component with a translatable content only needs to be translated once. With version management the program keep track of every change and update of the content.

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Everything you need for the user manual

Complete service package for user manual according to ISO 20607:2019

All in one system

The abbreviation CLM stands for Content Lifecycle Management, which is a process for creation, publish, organize, reuse and archive content. AFRY Zert CLM contains the whole process for handling technical documentation in only one tool. Besides the advantages in a CCMS, CLM has additional functions to manage the lifecycle of content. CLM contains all your expectations of a CCMS system and more.

CLM makes it possible to uniformly work with technical documentation in a collaborative web editor, review assignment with a review module, single-source version management with the opportunity to create branches, multi-channel publication and portal for publication, translation- and spare part management and more. The writers can collaborate in the web editor, at the same time.

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Fast and precise search

Searching with different parameters and metadata in CCMS is possible thanks to granular data. In addition, it saves searching time.

In CLM users can for example search for:

  • Name
  • Workflow status
  • When and by who a component has been created, changed or approved
  • Component type
  • Publication status
  • Translation status

Multi-channel publication

Multi-channel publication becomes possible with CCMS and is powerful, since the publication can be made in different format and channels at the same time. By automate the time consuming tasks, the writers can focus on creating content and publish their documentation in a fraction of the time before. CLM has several clever publication functions that are built-in to the system:

  • Language separation
    • Present information in different languages directly after each other in the same publication.
  • Filter for publication
    • Filter content in a publication according to your predefined values.
    • Usual values in the publication filter is different trademarks, markets or regions, or different types of publications. Using the publication filter enable you to collect all information in the same publication instead of creation a publication for each trademark.
  • Filter for language
    • Choose what content shall only be shown, depending on the language. Include or exclude for chosen languages.
    • Can be controlled from the lowest level to whole chapters.
  • Publication portal
    • Publish your content to the publication portal and give easy access to the recipient, at all times. By pressing one bottom on the mobile, tablet or computer the user can find the correct information. The responsive design makes the content fit for any screen size. Users get access to, for them relevant, information with the publication portal .
  • Web publication
    • Publications are saved in CLM and becomes accessible online with the web publication. It generates a link to every unique version and the latest always updated version, use an existing website where users can read published content.


To summorise diffrences and similarities between a the different types of systems available: a traditional Content Management System (CMS), a modern Component Content Management system and the AFRY Zert CLM (Component Lifecycle Management) we have gathered information in the table below.

A comparison between traditional CMS, a modern CCMS and AFRY Zert CLM.

Comparison AFRY Zert CLM CCMS CMS

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