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Trends that are increasing the demand for sustainable solutions

Megatrends like urbanisation and demographic shifts, digitalisation and climate change are strong drivers behind AFRY’s current and future business. All sectors and industries that we operate in are greatly influenced by these trends and we are well positioned to take a leading role in the current transition and have a strong emphasis on growth and value creation.

Urbanisation and demographic shifts

Today, more than half of the world’s population live in urban areas, a share that is expected to increase to nearly 70 percent by 2050. At the same time, cities represent 70 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Urbanisation and demographic shifts lead to new challenges in urban areas and drive the demand for sustainable solutions. AFRY support clients in search of efficient and sustainable infrastructure, innovative solutions for buildings, resource management and technical advancements within health science to better quality of life.


Digitalisation is one of the most powerful and universal forces we have at our disposal for driving the transformation towards a sustainable society. Digital technologies are key prerequisites for decorbonisation, smart manufacturing, connected vehicles, intelligent and energy efficient buildings and for smart mobility. AFRY supports clients in this transformation by delivering high value, industry specific software products and digital services. To this end, a new division, AFRY X, has been established where a substantial part of our capacity in digital services within Industrial IoT, Industrial AI, Cyber Security, Service Design and SaaS solutions will be placed.

Climate change

In recent decades, the focus has been on climate change and the measures which are needed to ensure that the rise in the global average temperature does not exceed 1.5ºC compared to pre-industrial levels. In the future, challenges arising from extreme weather events, reduced groundwater levels and biodiversity loss will thus become increasingly crucial to deal with. These conditions increase demand for sustainable solutions that reduce climate impact, use resources more efficiently and adapt society to a changing climate. This has encouraged us to innovate new solutions for example in industrial digitalisation, sustainability services including environment and health and safety as well as in overall efficiency including raw-material, energy and water efficiency.


Annual and Sustainability Report 2021

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