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Welcome to AFRY Insights magazine

Welcome to AFRY Insights magazine, a platform where industry experts converge to share their expertise, insights, and visions. Through thought-provoking articles, we share their wisdom, sparking a broader understanding of critical topics along our industries of expertise. As we weave together these insights, a bigger picture emerges forming an authentic showcase of the domain of expertise at the time of publication.

In a world shaped by unprecedented environmental and economic challenges, our collective journey forward hinges on shared vision and collaborative action. That’s why, in our latest edition of AFRY Insights, we bring together energy and bioindustry transition experts to share leading perspectives that span industries. Our theme, “interconnected challenges towards common goals,” underscores the necessity of collaboration as we strive for meaningful outcomes.

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Interconnected challenges towards common goals

In illuminating interviews, industry leaders Michael Lewis (Uniper) and Håkan Buskhe (FAM) underscore the vital role of collaboration and innovation in tackling global energy and sustainability issues.

The central focus of this issue revolves around carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS) technologies. These technologies play a crucial role in reducing our carbon footprint and combating climate change. The articles explore various aspects of the CCUS value chain, from cutting-edge technological breakthroughs to the necessary economic and policy frameworks. Together, they underscore the multifaceted approach required to address our interconnected challenges.

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The path to net zero

Our experts and clients discuss the challenges on the way to net zero in dialogue, as they do in our daily work when we address business challenges and find ways forward. This time, the topics vary from the navigation of complex sets of regulations to the evolving role of the forest amidst the reality of climate-change adaptation.

Join us as we share the latest insights into consumer behaviours, thanks to our renewed survey, and as we lay out the roles of the EU Taxonomy and CSRD, to name just two, in the strategies that will bring us forward across industries.

Striking a balance

There is no easy solution to the climate crisis. At AFRY, we are constantly tracking the sustainable transition and believe that one of the critical balances to strike, as we build a way forward and address the climate crisis, is that of energy security.

In this magazine, our authors explore this balancing act from a number of various angles. We also speak to two international leaders challenging the climate change crisis, Guillaume Lucci, President and CEO of Prime Infrastructure, and Odile Renaud-Basso, President of EBRD.

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Resilience, intelligence and excellence

It will not surprise you that Russia's invasion of Ukraine dominates much of our colleagues' analyses, especially with regard to the new, riskier gas market, supply chain challenges and much more.

Who can solve the most pressing problems of our time? We spoke with Lisen Oliw, Managing Director Nordics at Norrsken Foundation, which partners with AFRY to make a difference to impact startups. Luca Maria Rossi of Baker Hughes provided an interview detailing the ambitious Net-Zero commitment of the company and how Baker Hughes is taking its customers on this journey.

Show, don't tell

This edition of AFRY Insights was a challenge we presented to ourselves by deciding to showcase real-life cases that concretely bring our world closer to sustainable business and circular economy. Our approach was to "show, not tell".

Our colleagues have collected stellar examples from the industry showcasing true models of action, behaviour and results, which they share in this issue of AFRY Insights.

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Brave steps in the energy transition

From hydrogen and smart cities to carbon removal and green finance - all opportunities to drive the transition to a more sustainable future must be taken. The knowledge and technologies to allow full decarbonisation are available, yet progress must be accelerated and collective action is needed.

In this issue of AFRY Insights, our colleagues share perspectives along the theme of taking action in the transition to a clean energy future. These challenging times call for dialogue and exchange with each other. In this spirit, we’re honoured to include interviews with three strong leaders.

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How are the bio-based industries emerging post lockdown?

The pandemic treated bio-based industry sectors differently - wood products were impacted far less than anticipated, increased cartonboard- and paper-based packaging solutions brought sector needs such as recyclability and plastic substitution strongly into focus, and tissue and hygiene products saw high demand. Across the board, the boost of the broader digital transformation emerged clearly as a requirement to achieve a more sustainable society.

In this issue of AFRY Insights, our colleagues share their most recent insights on the latest questions in the bio-based industries.

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How is digitalisation driving the transition to clean energy?

Digitalisation affects all areas of life and business, from mobility to urban development, from manufacturing to construction and from energy production to energy management. Amid the unprecedented challenges these sectors are facing, smart and intelligent solutions have never paid off as much as they do today.

In this issue of AFRY Insights, our colleagues share their most recent insights on the latest questions regarding digitalisation.

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Sustainability and Making Future

Rather naturally, the theme for the maiden Bioindustry issue revolves around sustainability and “Making Future”. Featuring insights from AFRY experts as well as interviews with Cepi Chairman, Ignazio Capuano, AFRY President and CEO, Jonas Gustavsson and Gerardo Chiaia, CEO of Logoplaste.

Industries exploiting bio-based raw materials are thriving on the trends of sustainability, circular economy and carbon neutrality. In this issue, you will gain insight into the resilient cartonboard industry, which is essentially based on circular economy, the role of forests in carbon storage, substitution of fossil based products with bio-based products, and more.

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Sustainability and renewable energy

Mitigating climate change is one of the most important goals of our generation, which is why sustainability and deep dives into renewable energy are two threads running through these pages. We are very pleased that we can bring both topics closer to you with top-class interview partners and fresh insights into the clean energy transition from our team of experts.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and its political, social and economic effects, continuous dialogue with our clients is, now more than ever, one of our main objectives.

A new future

Roland Lorenz, Head of Management Consulting, gives more insight on the brand, its strategy and AFRY’s offer to the client: “Our company has great staff, that are driven by our curiosity to always grow and learn more. With the merger of ÅF and Pöyry, we have brought together experts from key areas that enable us as AFRY to offer truly sustainable solutions to the pressing issues of our time. Solutions that are sustainable because they result from a holistic perspective.”

For years, Fortune magazine has ranked Isabelle Kocher, CEO of Engie, among the world’s Top Ten most powerful women. We are proud to have her as an interview partner in this inaugural issue. She sets out Engie’s plan to become a world leader in the zero carbon transition and describes the huge transformation process she has been guiding her company through since she became CEO in 2016.

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