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AFRY Insights Bioindustry Edition

Welcome to the very first issue of AFRY Insights for Bioindustry.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to our new client magazine focused on topical affairs in the ever-changing world that impact business in the bioindustry.

AFRY Insights Bioindustry

Sustainability and Making Future

Rather naturally, the theme for the maiden issue revolves around sustainability and “Making Future”. Featuring insights from AFRY experts as well as interviews with Cepi Chairman, Ignazio Capuano, AFRY President and CEO, Jonas Gustavsson and Gerardo Chiaia, CEO of Logoplaste.

The AFRY Insights Bioindustry Edition is freely available to AFRY customers and partners!

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Content featured in AFRY Insights Bioindustry Edition

Forest-based industries play a key role in the transition to a sustainable, climate-friendly bioeconomy,

says Cepi Chairman Ignazio Capuano in the joint interview with AFRY President and CEO Jonas Gustavsson.

In this issue, you will gain some insight into the resilient containerboard industry, essentially based on circular economy, the role of forests in carbon storage and substitution of fossil based products with bio-based products and the use of wood in construction. Gerardo Chiaia, CEO of Logoplaste introduces in an interview their bio-based plastics business and sustainability-driving innovation.

AFRY has entered into a long-term collaboration with Gapminder Foundation in which AFRY’s expertise will be put to use to obtain Gapminder’s goal of providing more people with greater knowledge of the world we live in. The next focus will be put on increasing understanding of UN’s global goals for sustainable development. Put yourself to the test with the first question in this magazine!

With the merger of ÅF and Pöyry, and the rebranding of the joint company to AFRY in 2019, we have become an international engineering, design and advisory company, globally driving sustainability in the energy, infrastructure and industrial sectors. Bringing our combined expertise and solutions to tackle the major challenges facing the world today is at the heart of our work.

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Saara Söderberg - VP & Head of Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting

Saara Söderberg

VP & Head of Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting

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