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Antonio Bernucci

Antonio Bernucci is working as a Business Director for SEA at AFRY Process Industries Division in Bangkok, Thailand. Antonio has been working as a leader in many projects and challenging assignments, also on different continents. Antonio’s career story is a great example of how people can gain international experience in various roles in an international company like AFRY.

Antonio joined AFRY in 2014 at AFRY’s office in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He started managing several projects and frame agreements for clients in many different industrial sectors like Mining & Metals, Food & Beverage as well as Pulp & Paper. The similarity in all of these assignments has been not only growing with new opportunities but also challenges as every project, client and sector is different with their own demands.

Today, Antonio has recently moved to Bangkok with his family and started acting as a PID Business Director for SEA. Within his new role and new challenges, he describes his normal working day as “unique and challenging. Never boring.” Outside of work, Antonio enjoys playing Tennis and spending time with his family, including his dog, Dino.

Antonio Bernucci
"Brave leadership means to be the example, defend the team/company and take brave actions that most of the people won't. Be there when people need you."

Every day is a new opportunity to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable society

“At our PID SEA unit, we are engaged with clients in order to provide a set of services that contribute to sustainability, climate change mitigation, safety, and environment.To do so, the vision of accelerating the transition towards a sustainable society must be a mantra and we should make good usage of every single opportunity along with our clients in order to find a way to provide services of that nature.“

Working for providing a better world for future generations

“Countries, companies, and leaders of today have a major role in preparing the world for future generations. We have to embrace the idea that previous and current generations did not succeed on that we must realize that time is of the essence if we want our children’s and grandchildren’s to live in a better place“



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