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At Efterklang we design and secure sound environments.

We provide advice on acoustics and vibration control. Our expertise spans a broad range and scale of acoustic challenges, from building acoustics, industry noise, community noise and product development. We also provide award winning expertise in sound design and audio branding.

Every process starts with a simple question - which sounds should affect you at this location or from this product? The answer gives direction for a holistic design process. In close dialogue with our clients, we create environments with less noise and vibration and we help facilitate auditory experiences through sound design that compliment a product or brand experience. All in line with the clients overall strategy and concept.

We are based in Scandinavia with a team of 120+ dedicated employees who have been drawn from engineering, architectural, musical and academic backgrounds.

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Infra-Buildings, school education students

Master's thesis at Efterklang

Efterklang offers support and guidance to students who want to do their research work within acoustics, sound or vibrations. 

Zlatan Idnert
Head of Efterklang & Light Bureau

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