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Asset Management

Realise and maximise the value of physical assets over their lifecycle

Infrastructure and manufacturing organisations choose AFRY because we can provide actionable insights and digitalisation support at the tactical, operational and strategic level. We strongly believe that the heart of asset management is about collaborating across different departments to make the best decisions using all the information and insights available.

Our experts help show this a discipline that provides a broader view than just traditional engineering. One that focuses on a strategic life cycle system perspective. Most importantly, we help create more resilient infrastructure and manufacturing that balances not just the economic, but social and environmental factors too. The overall aim – to support the coordinated achievement of organisational objectives.

AFRY has a specialised Asset Management Systems team – coordinating with other asset management professionals across the company. Service capabilities includes the likes of strategy consulting, asset portfolio evaluation and steering, maturity assessments, portfolio management, EAM roll out or operational enhancements. The industries that our expertise covers include railway, energy, aviation, defense, process industries, transportation and other asset intensive infrastructure. Please get in touch to find out more.

Enable organisations to become asset managers, not managers of assets

Asset Management is more than doing things to assets – it’s about using assets to deliver value and achieve an organisation’s business objectives. It also brings a different approach and way of thinking to transform and align an organisation’s culture.

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Make sound and transparent strategic decisions, driven by data

Integrating data from different systems, interpreting them as a whole and providing insights in database formats unlocks comprehensive data-based decision making. This supports the precision in system perspective decision-making, as well shortening turn around times from incident to decision. However, decisions are also only as good as the information they are based on. An organisation needs to treat its data as a core asset on its own and ensure this is part of the foundation of their strategy in order to experience returns in cost and planning.

Develop a ‘line of sight’ between asset management activities

Asset Management best practice translates an organisation’s objectives into technical and financial decisions, plans and activities. These can then be further broken down into specific plans and activities for different areas of an asset portfolio. These decisions collectively create a ‘line of sight’ and enable the ultimate achievement of the organisation’s objectives.

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Kim Hansen - Head of BU Asset Management Systems International
Kim Hansen
Head of BU Asset Management Systems International

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