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Circular economy

AFRY’s services in circular economy

At AFRY, we help businesses re-use resources in a closed loop instead of manufacturing products from new raw materials

We have a long history of supporting clients in streamlining and developing industrial flows and processes, especially within segments such as process industry, energy and water, waste management, packaging and production waste minimization. The biggest impact on both business and sustainability can be obtained in the shift towards a circular business model.

When raw material prices rise and our population increases, the key for a sustainable industry is a business model where production and distribution systems are circular; The resources are used in a closed loop instead of manufacturing new products and mining raw materials.

With business models based on circular economy, we can build sustainable future, create new business and also obtain considerable cost savings. Our wide range of experts help to take the next step in circular economy, both in public and private sector.

Examples of services:

  • development programs to utilise sidestreams
  • solutions utilizing bio-based materials
  • circular economy strategies and roadmaps
  • market and technology analysis
  • BAT analysis (Best Available Technology)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Social Impact Assessments (SIA), carbon footprint, lifecycle analysis
  • Production of biofuels and biogas
  • Decommissioning services and reuse of materials
  • Nutrient recovery and sludge treatment in wastewater sector
  • Waste management 


Anna-Karin Jönbrink

Section Manager, Environment Sweden

Katri Luoma-aho

Head of Section Environmental Services, Environment Finland

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