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Climate Change and Sustainability Services

Climate change

At AFRY, we are looking at climate change mitigation and adaptation from a holistic point of view, with deep technical expertise in various sectors, combined with consulting capabilities and business insight.

Strategic support

We are supporting our clients at different levels, including for example climate strategies and roadmaps, target-setting, progress monitoring, reporting as well as climate risk and vulnerability assessment.

As a leading consultant in energy transition and different industry sectors, combined with deep understanding of sustainable business and regulatory requirements in environmental, climate and energy topics, we contribute to the decarbonisation of the most energy-intensive sectors but also support those that enable GHG emissions reduction through low-carbon innovations along the value chain.

To support product development and strategic decision making we may implement the carbon handprint approach that showcases emission reductions occurring as a result of the use of a product or service.

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Join us to explore the vulnerabilities of the battery supply chain, affecting mining, raw material processing, and cell & module production, as well as application, re-using, and recycling.


Reaching net zero by 2050 will require a massive transformation of the entire economy, notably the power, heat, building and transportation sectors. While numerous companies have committed to reaching net zero emissions at the organisational level and set GHG emission reduction targets according to the Science-Based targets initiative (SBTi), the actual implementation of low-carbon projects is associated with significant capital expenditures and the need for a long-term climate strategy.

AFRY has a strong ability to assess various pathways and technological solutions for carbon neutrality, including their costs. This allows us to provide customers with a basis for decision-making while accounting for policy changes and governmental incentives at EU and national level, driving low-carbon technologies and infrastructure.

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Climate calculations

The accurate and fact based calculations of greenhouse gas emissions are crucial. We are professionals in greenhouse gas calculations for various sectors and operations following internationally accepted calculations standards and guidelines such as Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ISO and EN standards, and PEF guidance. For the quantification of positive climate impacts we apply the Carbon Handprint guidelines built on the basis of existing ISO standards. We have the capability to execute calculations applying a software that best fits for client’s needs, eg. SimaPro, GaBi or One Click LCA. We can also prepare a tailored calculation tool to fit clients’ further needs for greenhouse gas monitoring. In addition, we are giving training for customers’ regarding GHG calculations and reporting.

We have strong experience of climate calculations from a wide variety of sectors including e.g. energy, real estate, construction, infrastructure, consumer products, traveling and events, MedTech, chemical industry, pulp & paper industry, among others.

Climate risk assessments

Depending on the geography and business sector, future climate conditions are one of the key risks of an investment project or a business acquisition. It is essential to know whether the physical climate conditions and the risks they impose, have been taken into account during the design or planning process of any operation or business plan.

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Our services include:

Strategic support

  • Strategic climate target setting (e.g. SBTi) and definition of climate-related KPIs
  • Decarbonisation roadmaps
  • Executive trainings
  • Value chain analysis for GHG emissions reduction by optimizing costs
  • Carbon calculation tools and trainings
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Climate impact and risk assessments

  • Climate risk and vulnerability assessments (CRVA) (e.g. TCFD, taxonomy requirements)
  • Carbon footprint (GHG Protocol, ISO standards) at organisational and product level
  • Carbon handprint calculations
  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Life cycle assessment (GaBi, SimaPro, One Click LCA)
  • EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)
  • Carbon sink calculation and carbon stock modelling
  • FLAG (forest land use and agriculture) emissions accounting


  • Climate-related financial disclosures reporting (TCFD)
  • EU Taxonomy reporting
  • EU Emissions Trading Scheme verification
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