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Compliance and Quality Management 

Regulations and Quality Requirements related to product safety 

Dealing efficiently with worldwide compliance and quality requirements is a crucial part of the strategy to protect brand, revenue and market share.  

Regardless of what type of products you develop or which market you place them on, your company must comply with an ever-increasing number of regulations and quality requirements related to product safety as well as environmental safety.   

Our tried and tested methods for complying with requirements at both national and international level will help your company to form a customized strategy including goals and efficient strategies.  

We are specialized in managing compliance, regulations and quality scope of development and manufacturing in all industries and provide a full range of expertise within:  
  • Compliance Management  
  • Quality Management  
  • Training & education  
  • Audit and GAP analysis   
  • Regulatory Outlook

Jacob Rydholm

Business Unit Manager, Specialized Operational Excellence

Annelie Bergsjö

Business Development and Sales Manager, Specialized Operational Excellence

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