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Contaminated areas

AFRY’s services for contaminated areas

At AFRY, we help you select and implement suitable remediation methods for contaminated soil, groundwater and buildings

From soil and groundwater investigations to full scale remediations, we deliver cost effective solutions.

Striving for cost-effective solutions while focusing on staying on schedule and prioritising quality to meet client requirements, We are able to deliver all-inclusive and environmentally sustainable solutions for all projects concerning contaminated areas.

As a global engineering and consulting company for the energy, industrial and infrastructure markets, our ambition is to work closely with you to meet your needs and optimize your operations.

Our expertise includes environmental investigations of soil, groundwater and buildings, Environmental due diligence (EDD), remediation design and control, contractor procurement, risk assessments, liability investigations, environmental controls etc.
We deliver action plan-oriented environmental land surveys and building inspections needed for project planning and executing after-treatment measures.
Contaminated soil expertise

We have experience in various remediation methods and the regulations, and we help to choose the most suitable implementation method for the project at hand – whether it takes place by on-site remediation (in-situ) or requires excavation and removal of the soil. 

As recycling and reuse are increasing taken into consideration in the handling of contaminated areas, we are seeing constant increase in in-situ remediation. We have vast experience in applying in-situ techniques in a number of projects, being able to deliver both cost-efficient and sustainable solutions for our clients.


Aura Nousiainen

Environmental Consultant, Environmental Consulting

Christian Buser

Head of Market Area Environment, Switzerland

Philip Myles

Regional Manager Environment Sweden South/Mid

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