Infra-Buildings culture

Culture and Sports Facilities

Powerful performances in facilities for sports and culture

Arenas, museums, music venues and theatres play an important role in our social and cultural lives. AFRY can help you ensure that they function within the budgets and resources available.  

These days, when building a sports hall or an opera house, it is no longer enough for it to fulfil just its primary purpose. Instead, multi-purpose venues have become the norm. In venues for culture and sport, AFRY helps ensure that technical systems such as ventilation and lighting are adaptable to anything from a football game to a circus show.

Example of services: 

BIM & Data Management
Climate calculations
Energy calculations
Commercial Kitchens
Cost Management
Electrical, communications and security
Energy Efficiency
Fire Safety, Risks and OHS
HVAC and Sanitation
Project Management
Solar Power for Buildings
Structural building engineering
Sustainable Building


Anders Lundin
VP and Head of BA Buildings
Björn Qvist
VP and Head of International Expansion Buildings