Digital Waves


Provider of cyber resilient systems and solutions for high demanding environments

The field of cyber is becoming increasingly complex as we become more and more dependent on IT solutions to manage ongoing digitisation. Here at AFRY, we are only too happy to break new ground with you.

AFRY's Systems Engineering approach to Cyber stems from our origin within the defence sector. We utilise processes, best practice and ways of thinking to gain control of complexity and increase project success rate. Cyber systems requires an interdisciplinary approach to enable the realisation of successful systems. Here at AFRY, we combine our experience from Cyber Security with Connectivity, IT- and OT-systems and sector know-how to provide services to clients with the highest demands.

AFRY provides cyber resilient systems and solutions within the following sectors:
  • Defence
  • Energy & Critical Infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Industry

Filip Enander

Section Manager Cyber

Gustav Sandberg

Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

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