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Cyber Security

An innovative cyber security partner providing thought leadership and solutions on how to secure nations, societies, and industries.

The use of digital solutions has fully penetrated every aspect of operations in all organisations. To harvest the full benefits of these solutions, they need to be integrated with each other in ways that enable a reliable flow of information and the trustworthy automation of any kind of process. The complete reliance on these complex systems becomes a major concern when combined with the aggressive cyber environment of the modern world. A priority must be an active and flexible Cyber Security posture focused on the unique real-life challenges of national, societal, and industrial operations.

AFRY is a world leading engineering company, trusted as a supplier of services and solutions within the industry-, energy-, and infrastructure sectors as well as for authorities.

Our mission is to ensure a safe and secure transition towards a digitalised and sustainable environment as more and more services and systems become critical for nations and our society.

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As the environment for cyber risks evolves it is necessary for companies and authorities to keep up with todays cyber threats to be able to defend against different cyber attacks. The cyber defence needs to be proactive, focused, and based on right threat intelligence to sustain continuous and safe operations on the behalf of individuals, organisations, and society. We help our customers to increase their resilience against cyber threat by delivering flexible and secure cybersecurity systems and solutions.

The combined expertise from our dedicated team of over 100 cyber security experts enables our cyber security offering to cover tailored services from business continuity and advisory to technical implementation, testing, monitoring, and response. We combine deep experience in National- and Civil-security with vast industrial knowledge to keep critical infrastructure and essential industry processes operating safely and continuously. We make sure that important products and services delivered by the industry are resilient towards today's and tomorrow's cyber risks.

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Filip Enander - Business Unit Manager Cyber Security
Filip Enander
Business Unit Manager Cyber Security

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