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Environmental and Social Impact Assessments

AFRY's services in environmental and social impact assessments

At AFRY, we are experts in assessing how your project affects and is affected by environmental and social factors

Environmental risks and social risks have two dimensions. First, a project may cause risk for the environment and society. The second dimension works the other way around: environmental and social factors can constitute risks for successful implementation of a project.

We are here to help you manage environmental and social risk and ensure the sustainability of your project.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

The aim for environmental impact assessments is to review the environmental impacts of a project, whilst providing stakeholders (such as citizens) with information and possibilities to contribute to the EIA process. Combining the skills in environmental consulting, land use planning and technical disciplines, our proactive approach in EIAs has helped our clients carry out successful projects across industry, energy and infrastructure sectors. In our work, we aim to make the process clear for all participants and keep the documentation concise and logical.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA)

Understanding the effects of a project on citizens and society, combined with stakeholder engagement, drives social acceptance and social licence for the project. We help to discover these impacts and provide tools for anticipating and solving possible disagreements or conflicts. The essential part of SIA is the dialogue with stakeholders. It provides valuable information about attitudes towards the planned project, in order to mitigate or compensate potential disadvantages. With expertise gained from thousands of EIA and SIA processes, we help our clients achieve the targets of their investments.

Stakeholder engagement

The importance of continued cooperation with stakeholders is constantly increasing. It should continue throughout the lifecycle of the operations. We help our clients in this cooperation and timely dialogue with their key stakeholders. The process can provide valuable information which directly benefits the operations of our client. Typically, this means development ideas concerning cooperation and views about local impacts. With our help, the process can be managed in a coordinated way, including stakeholder engagement plans and stakeholder analysis.


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Bertil Carlsson

Team Leader, Senior Advisor Environment Sweden

Christoph Faas

Department Head Environmental Engineering, Hannover, Germany

Christian Buser

Head of Market Area Environment, Switzerland

Kaisa Vähänen

Head of Business Unit, Environment Finland
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Sandra Vogel

Department Head Environmental Planning, Cologne, Germany

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