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Environmental Due Diligence

Expert help with Environmental Due Diligence

At AFRY, we provide expert help with Environmental Due Diligence. 

Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) assesses the potential environmental risks, liabilities and non-compliance issues of a real estate. It makes clear the responsibilities and ensures the real estate transactions to be carried out according to environmental legislation. Moreover, it helps to define the risk sharing between the buyer and the seller, thus reducing disagreement and contract disputes afterwards.

We have carried out thousands of EDDs for industrial and commercial real estate transactions, using our EnRiSc© methodology with special expertise in soil and groundwater contamination investigations. We can also carry out technical due diligence and several other investigations when needed. Our resources and experience as well as knowledge of EDD process and the legislation in various countries helps us to evaluate even the largest of portfolios with confidence and meet our clients’ high standards.


Björn Trepte

Team/Group Manager, Environment Sweden

Christian Buser

Head of Market Area, Environment Switzerland

Mirja Ansorge

Department Head Environmental Engineering, Munich, Germany

Satu Lyyra

Head of Section Environmental Consulting, Environment Finland

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