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Environmental monitoring and permitting

AFRY's services in environmental monitoring and permitting

Let AFRY help you with environmental permits

Responsible companies want to be on top of the environmental impacts and risks of their operations. In addition, tightening environmental legislation means that certain actions are a prerequisite for environmental permits. 

We provide the studies, mappings, risk assessments and monitoring plans required for environmental permits. Consequently, we take care of monitoring during construction and operations, keeping our clients well informed of the status of the environmental impacts of their activities. 

Our dedicated consultants are there for you, not only to provide the required monitoring results, but also to interpret the results for you, and to proactively suggest and plan actions in order to avoid environmental risks. You can trust our experts in all phases of your operations.

In environmental monitoring, we carry out water quality studies, mappings related to birds, fish and other animals, measurements of noise or emissions, and several other fields requiring know-how of both nature and technical aspects. We serve the needs of various sectors and industries such as energy production and transmission, mining & metals, pulp and paper, transportation, cities and municipalities.

Moreover, to be able to forecast environmental impacts, we provide wide range of modelling expertise.


Anssi Karppinen

Head of Section, Water Studies, Finland

Jenny Book Torring

Business Unit Manager, Environment and sustainability Sweden

Christian Buser

Head of Market Area Environment, Switzerland

Karin Schröder

Department Head Environmental Engineering, Berlin, Germany

Mario Maahs

Section Head, Schwerin, Germany

Ingo Banditt

Department Head Environmental Engineering, Cologne, Germany

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