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Industrial Facilities

Achieve progress in industrial facilities

To increase productivity and energy efficiency in your industrial premises, AFRY is the perfect partner. We help those with complex and specialised needs to overcome challenges in energy efficiency, sustainability and safety.  

Great change is taking place in factories, plants and warehouses. Working with AFRY makes it possible to achieve major improvement with a minimum of disturbance.

In our changing world, countries, regions and markets are evolving. To keep pace, and create sustainable growth and progress, so must industrial facilities for manufacture, energy production, warehousing and logistics.

We provide flexible systems that help manufacturing businesses change the amounts or types of products they produce, without having to move out or replace any equipment. Also, we have experience of saving energy by harvesting surplus heat and feeding it back to be used in elsewhere in the region.

Whether we are performing an energy audit, helping raise productivity in a paper mill or inspecting a nuclear power plant, AFRY can enhance performance and energy efficiency in industrial facilities. We help operators with complex and specialised needs rise to ever shifting challenges in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability and safety.

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