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Nuclear Energy

AFRY: Pioneering nuclear engineering solutions for a sustainable future

Since the 1950s, AFRY has been at the forefront of the global nuclear power industry. Our extensive experience spans the entire life cycle of nuclear plants, from inception to decommissioning. As trusted engineers and consultants, we deliver successful projects worldwide.

With over 70 years of nuclear power generation experience, we combine deep local understanding with international expertise. As your trusted partner, we believe in long-term collaboration to help you achieve your goals.

Our priority is the delivery of economically successful projects for our clients, with a focus on increasing utilisation rates, improving operating availability and raising levels of safety.

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AFRY’s holistic approach

Our energy engineering specialists maintain a holistic perspective as we transition from a fossil fuel-dominated world to a clean energy future. We navigate the mix of low-carbon technologies, considering global sustainability targets and local market dynamics. Our approach is:

  1. Fact-Based Independence: AFRY consultants take an independent, fact-based approach to identify the right path toward clean energy.
  2. Balancing Solutions: We recognize that a balanced portfolio of energy solutions is essential. This includes nuclear power alongside other renewables.

Making future carbon neutral

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At AFRY, we define clean energy as energy derived from zero-emissions sources, as well as energy saved through efficiency measures, carbon capture, and storage technologies. We recognize that no clean energy source is entirely free from emissions or challenges across the entire value chain. Therefore, we advocate for a balanced mix of technologies and solutions, tailored to the unique resources and requirements in each geographical context.

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Nuclear energy contributes approximately 10% of global electricity 1 . In the European Union (EU), nuclear accounted to 31% of energy produced 2 . As the second-largest low-carbon electricity source worldwide, nuclear energy accounts for 40% of electricity with low carbon emissions in advanced economies 3 . During operation, nuclear power plants emit zero carbon into the atmosphere.

However, nuclear power is not without challenges. These include investment costs, waste treatment, and the need for safety standards that surpass those of other technologies.

As companies face the challenge of decarbonising the whole economy, across the automotive, transport and industrial sectors, our ambition at AFRY is to safeguard successful, long-term, sustainable development for our clients and for future generations.

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As companies grapple with decarbonizing entire economies across automotive, transport, and industrial sectors, our ambition at AFRY is clear: safeguarding successful, long-term, sustainable development for our clients and future generations.

AFRY’s nuclear energy consultants are experts in implementing Best Available Techniques (BAT) and fostering a robust Nuclear Safety Culture. We prioritize safety, aligning with international principles such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) guidelines and local regulatory regimes that demand the highest safety and technical codes & standards. Our team has extensive knowledge in nuclear engineering, renewable technologies, and advanced clean energy options like energy storage solutions and carbon capture.

We offer expertise in both legacy and modern nuclear assets, from large scale nuclear power plants to new small and advanced modular reactors (SMR/AMR). If you’re seeking a comprehensive consulting partner for a new, existing, or end-of-life cycle nuclear asset, or impartial advice on any clean energy investment, AFRY’s nuclear experts are ready to support.

Our commitment to nuclear power and nuclear engineering ensures we stay at the forefront of the industry, providing you with the most up-to-date and relevant advice and support.

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What nuclear energy services does AFRY provide?

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AFRY offers a diverse range of consulting services tailored to the nuclear industry. Whether acting as Owner’s, Vendor’s Lender’s Engineer, we provide full-service solutions and specialized technical support. We provide consulting engineering fully independent of any Stakeholders in the nuclear industry, e.g. Vendor or Lender.

Our top priority is delivering services that meet the highest safety and technical standards and economically viable projects for our clients. We focus on enhancing safety, utilization rates, improving operating availability. At AFRY, we adhere to the highest industry standards. Our Nuclear Safety Culture Policy guides our work, and our team includes world-leading expert engineers.

We assist in shaping nuclear power plant concepts, conducting feasibility studies, and developing robust business cases. Our expertise covers all aspects of nuclear assets, including safety, technical solutions, and economics.

Nuclear engineering consulting services Arrow pointing right
  • Site selection, evaluation, and characterization (investigation, preparation, and review)
  • Market study nuclear: market entry strategy and business case development
  • Feasibility studies and choice of technology: Pressure Water Reactors (PWR), Boiling Water Reactors (BWR), Advanced Modular Reactors (AMR) and Small Modular Reactors (SMR)
  • Technical and commercial due diligence
  • Licensing and nuclear safety consulting, including the development of nuclear safety case in line with Nuclear Safety Engineering principles
  • Design review and preparation (concept, basic and detail)
  • Design development and integration with EPC design
  • Construction oversight, cost, and human resource planning
  • Regional and local supply chain evaluation and qualification
  • Preparation and assessment of design, safety, and licensing documents
  • Preparation of Safety Analysis Report (SAR) and other safety analyses of nuclear facilities
  • Control system upgrade and other improvements for nuclear power plants
  • Fuel cycle management
  • Tendering support and EPC contracting
  • Contracting support (EPC, Fuel and PPA)
  • Procurement engineering
  • Operation and maintenance services, including nuclear lifetime extension strategies and project executions
  • Project management and management consulting: requirements preparation and management, client organization set-up (structure, processes, QM, etc.), project set-up (requirements, quality, standards, risk management), support interface with stakeholders on all levels (technical, project, top level)
  • Decommissioning and dismantling nuclear power plants
  • Waste management and final repository solutions
  • Independent training of personnel and stakeholders

AFRY's Nuclear Safety Culture Policy

Safety is a shared value within AFRY Nuclear Business Area and nuclear safety is the top priority.


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