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Nuclear Energy

AFRY are pioneers in the international nuclear industry, consulting since the 1950s

AFRY has been working in the nuclear power industry since its infancy, successfully delivering thousands of projects internationally, throughout the nuclear life-cycle.

We support our clients with a variety of services, from full-service undertakings as Owner's or Lender's Engineer to highly specialised technical assignments.

Our priority is the delivery of economically successful projects for our clients, with a focus on increasing utilisation rates, improving operating availability and raising levels of safety.

We maintain the highest level of standards, characterised by our Nuclear Safety Culture Policy, and employ world-leading expert engineers.

AFRY can support all stages of a project lifecycle from concept development, feasibility studies, commercial modelling and business case development, through to project development and implementation services. We support all aspects and services relating to nuclear assets, including nuclear safety, technical solutions, economics, nuclear waste management and strategic advice through licensing to construction, operation and decommissioning.

Renowned for delivering the highest levels of service, we bring deep local understanding and international expertise going back over 40 years. As a trusted partner to our clients, we believe in long term, open co-operation to assist our clients and partners to achieve their goals.

Our service offering includes:

  • Concept and Feasibility studies
  • Technical and Commercial Due Diligence
  • Market entry strategy and business case development
  • Licensing and Nuclear Safety Case
  • Plant Upgrades and Improvements
  • Safety Analyses
  • Construction Services
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Decommissioning
  • Radioactive Waste Management and Inventory
A row of solar panels in a raps field with nuclear power plant in background

A clean energy solution

At AFRY, we define clean energy as energy derived from zero-emissions sources, as well as energy saved through efficiency measures, carbon removal and storage technologies. We accept that no source of clean energy is completely emission or challenge free throughout the value chain and we take into account a balanced mix of technologies and solutions, based on the different resources and requirements in each geography.

Nuclear energy supplies approximately 10% of global electricity 1 and powers approximately 25% of the EU 2 . It is the second largest low carbon electricity source globally and makes up 40% percent of low carbon electricity in the world’s advanced economies 1 . While nuclear power offers zero emissions in operation, there are challenges that require careful attention related to investment cost waste treatment as well as safety standards that have to go beyond other technologies.

Our experts take a holistic view of the shift from a largely fossil based world to a clean energy world and the mix of low carbon technologies available to support that shift. Within the context of global sustainability targets and local market scenarios, our AFRY experts take an independent, fact-based approach to identifying and supporting the right path towards a clean energy future.

As companies face the challenge of decarbonising the whole economy, across the automotive, transport and industrial sectors, our ambition at AFRY is to safeguard successful, long-term, sustainable development for our clients and for future generations.

AFRY experts implement Best Available Techniques (BAT) and a mature Nuclear Safety Culture that puts safety first and is aligned with international principles, including IAEA guidelines and local regulatory regimes that require the highest safety and technical codes & standards. Our experts are backed by market and technical expertise in renewable technologies and advanced clean energy options, such as storage solutions and carbon capture as well as in both legacy and modern nuclear assets, ranging from large scale nuclear to new small and advanced modular reactors (SMR/AMR). Whether you’re looking for a full scope partner for a new, existing or end of life cycle nuclear asset or seeking impartial advice related to any type of clean energy investment, AFRY experts are ready to support.

Nuclear power station with two steaming cooling towers in blue sky.

The future of nuclear in energy and transport systems

On 28 January 2021, Phil Hodges and Simon Wakter presented AFRY’s position on nuclear technology and the role it will play in future energy and transport systems.

AFRY's Nuclear Safety Culture Policy

Safety is a shared value within AFRY Nuclear Business Area and nuclear safety is the top priority.

Dénes József
Head of Nuclear, Energy Division

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