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Optimised office environments

It pays to optimise office space for cost effectiveness, productivity and well-being. AFRY are proven experts in this field.

Office buildings is where millions of people around the world spend their working lives. Naturally, their productivity, creativity and well-being is greatly affected by factors like air quality, acoustics and visual comfort in the environment where they spend most of their waking hours.

New trends in office design mean that cubicles and landscape layouts are out and activity based design is in. With a moveable workforce, offices often have low rates of use. In order to save energy and resources, systems for lighting, acoustics and ventilation need to be flexible, and automatically adapt to how the space is being used on the day.

Working with companies and commercial developers, AFRY has made it its business to help create high value office environments that attract and retain the best talent and premium companies. Offices that are cost effective, visually attractive and sustainable in every sense of the word.

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