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Pulp & Paper

A strategic partner ensuring the highest levels of technology, safety and quality

Pulp and Paper Plants are highly intensive capital assets. Market projections must be taken into consideration in a scenario were consumer markets and fiber sourcing are many times located on different geographical areas. Those scenarios are impacted, among others, by demographical, social and environmental trends and legislation.

Our global top-level process technology understanding combined with our local presence will respond to the tightening requirements set by the stakeholders. We can help you to plan, develop and implement strategically located state of the art production facilities, in accordance with the best available technology and updated market trends, in a mutating concept that is gradually transforming the classic pulp mill into a biorefinery plant with the best environmental performance.

We have a deep global insight accumulated for more than 50 years of experience and 400+major design projects, including the involvement in 90% of the world´s largest pulp mill designs, designed not only  for paper production, but also for such specialities like dissolving and fluff pulps.

Our service offering covers the whole lifecycle and value chain of clients’ business. We serve our clients from early strategic development phases to big CAPEX implementation projects and to smaller operational phase support assignments.

Unique combination of process technology specialist skills and multidisciplinary engineering expertise enables us to provide real value add to our clients in all kind of studies, implementation projects as well as during daily operations of the industrial plant. Environmental, Health and Safety and other consulting assignments are done in co-operation with process technology specialist to enable the big picture and correlations with processes.

Our key competences:
  • Paper mills and machines
  • Board
  • Stock Preparation
  • Pulp Mills and Biorefineries
  • Finishing, Handling, Storage and Shipping Facilities
  • Auxiliary Buildings
  • Tissue and Hygiene
  • Packaging and Converting
  • Rebuilds and conversions
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Johan Ehrnrooth
Head of Pulp & Paper, Process Industries Division

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