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Robust Communication

AFRY dimensions and designs secure and robust networks and communication solutions, both for commercial use and key operations for the society. 

Robust Communication means communication that can withstand intentional or unintentional disturbances of various kinds. This can be about robustness against, for example, technical faults, natural disasters, signal disturbances or cyber threats. Desired robustness can be achieved by, among other things, implementing redundancy, alternative communication paths, performance optimisation strategies, interference elimination techniques or intelligent decision support. 

The level of robustness and security that is achieved in practice depends not only on the technical solutions and adaptations themselves but also on how the business is organised, planned and managed as well as the users' risk awareness, behaviour and use of the systems. AFRY has extensive experience of dimensioning and designing secure and robust networks and communication solutions, both for commercial and key operations for the society. AFRY can help all these actors with both technical solutions, business adaptations and training. 

Gustav Sandberg

Business Unit Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

Johan Tenstam

Section Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems