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Space Technology

Optimised and sustainable solutions within space technology

AFRY can help space clients develop optimised and sustainable systems and services, based on advanced space technology, robust and flexible infrastructure, and intelligent, digital solutions.

Our competences and experience within the space sector can be used for both commercially and socially important operations, as well as to strengthen Sweden's capabilities within defence and security.


Development within the space sector is increasingly driven by wealthy IT entrepreneurs’ personal investments into miniature satellite networks which provide global internet access, communication and Earth observations. In addition, threats facing society are constantly changing and require new solutions for global monitoring, positioning, communication, and management. Other developments include the transition to green propellants, navigation systems to avoid collisions, and advanced technologies to mitigate the ever-increasing threat of space debris.

Space-based systems with digital solutions and data-driven services will play an increasingly important role for defence and security, and will be crucial in order to achieve the UN's sustainable development goals.

AFRY can contribute to making our countries and our planet safer and more sustainable, in international collaborations. With our broad and deep expertise in a number of different technological and industrial areas, we can help our clients better utilize existing space technologies, or develop new applications on Earth.

AFRY can also streamline operations, improve user experiences, implement a higher level of security into systems, and solve technical problems such as e.g. interference between satellite networks.

Examples of application areas are Earth observations, global Internet access, robust mobile communication, monitoring / warning systems, tracking of ships and aircraft, IoT services via space, and scientific space missions.

Within the space sector, AFRY has expert knowledge in:
  • Satellite technology (from geostationary satellites to miniature satellites)
  • Space infrastructure and ground support systems with C4ISR functionality
  • Standards and regulations
  • Sensor technologies and adaptive array antenna systems
  • Mobile, robust satellite communication
  • SDR and cognitive radio
  • Advanced image, signal and data analysis
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics
  • Cloud architectures and cloud services
  • Data center
  • Cyber ​​security
  • Visualisation (VR, AR, UX)
  • Training & Simulation (3D, real time)

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Johan Tenstam - Section Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems
Johan Tenstam
Section Manager, Cyber & Communication Systems

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