Infra-Buildings-stations and terminals

Stations and Terminals

Solutions for stations and terminals

AFRY often provide specialist support in the design and location of stations, terminals and transfer points. We help municipalities, authorities and other parties find alternative solutions to complex issues.  

What should the new transit point look like? And where should it be placed? AFRY has the experience, the tools and models necessary to help create attractive and integrated interchange points that provide well-functioning public transport. We analyze requirements and capacity, and recommend solutions that are sustainable in the long term.

However, it is not all to do with traffic. Function, aesthetics, feasibility, cost and detailed design also form part of every project. That is why we are used to cooperating with architects, planners and experts representing all disciplines, from structural engineering and cost management to lighting design and geotechnical expertise. We can contribute throughout the process: from localization analysis and the very earliest stages, all the way to the evaluation of a completed traffic solution. The outcome is optimized development of cities and infrastructure. 

Kajsa Rosén
VP and Head of BA Transportation
Marcel Winter
COO Business Area Transportation, Country Manager Switzerland