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Sustainability Consulting

AFRY's Sustainability Consulting team consists of 60+ experts that serve clients globally across all sectors. The team is part of a 1,300 people strong network of AFRY sustainability professionals worldwide.

The sustainability consulting team help clients mitigate risks, capture opportunities along the entire value chain and fulfil their business objectives, no matter where they are on their sustainability journey. By combining management consulting, engineering and design with deep sector competence and tech/AI/big data skill sets, AFRY provides actionable solutions that go beyond compliance and reporting to ensure measurable impact and real, lasting change.

As a leading advisor in sustainability, AFRY guides major players through the net-zero transition and in creating circular business models. We help companies act and implement real solutions on the ground.

Our team of dedicated sustainability consultants helps clients and businesses address challenges and opportunities through a broad service portfolio:

  • Market analysis and research
  • Net Zero strategies and roadmaps (scope 1-2-3)
  • Sustainability strategies and KPIs
  • Taxonomy and CSRD/ESRS advisory
  • Carbon pricing, modelling and carbon/GHG accounting
  • Carbon removal
  • Climate Adaptation advisory
  • Biodiversity and natural capital accounting
  • Water strategies
  • Social responsibility
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Environmental Product Declarations and ECO-design
  • Sustainable and digital experiences
  • Green/impact tech advisory
  • Sustainable transformation
  • Strategic advice and ESG due diligence
  • Asset and portfolio reviews and impact strategies
  • Sustainable finance
Storage technology

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Sustainable development

Our extensive network of partners in governments, leading universities and industry networks provides us with a valuable source of knowledge and the latest science which our clients can benefit from. With AFRY’s presence in 50+ markets, we also enrich our projects with the local context, culture and language. The team is involved in investigative activities on an ongoing basis, including our close collaboration with Oxford University and several other leading institutions in the sustainability space.

Environmental footprint

Global challenges such as climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, virgin material extraction, loss of biodiversity and economic and social challenges are negatively impacting people, the planet and business.

The world must cut carbon emissions in half by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050, which is a huge undertaking given that we almost already are on a trajectory to surpass the 1.5 degree limit. At the same time, our way of living is reducing our wildlife population rapidly and on average 69% of the population is already extinct.

In this decade of action, corporations, investors and governmental organisations need trustworthy partners who not only can help them analyse the current situation and develop transition strategies to help them achieve their sustainability goals, but they also need a partner to help them realise these strategies and develop the clean technology and tech solutions needed to enable real and lasting change.

From innovation to implementation

By combining sustainability consulting with deep sectorial insights and technological expertise, we at AFRY are making it easier for our clients and partners worldwide to create strategies and solutions for the long and short term. Our network of 1300+ sustainability, environmental and social experts across the globe together with our highly experienced management consulting team delivers deep expertise that is solely focused on solving the sustainability challenges of today, for a sustainable future.

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Climate change

AFRY recently developed a decarbonisation strategy and roadmap for an international player in the food industry, with the goal of achieving a 50% reduction of carbon emissions in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030 and full alignment with science-based targets for a 1.5⁰C degree scenario under the Paris agreement. Using our industry-leading energy and carbon market modeling tools, we helped the client develop custom scenarios and mitigation actions to reduce their carbon footprint. The result was an actionable roadmap with individual asset strategies for transitioning from fossil fuels dependent technologies to low-carbon and nature-based solutions.

Circular economy

AFRY is partnering with a global MedTech company to enhance the positive impact of their product and service portfolio through assessing the carbon footprint and developing eco-design strategies and engineering. The project will help them comply with upcoming regulations and improve global market competitiveness. Additionally, AFRY is working with a global automotive company to establish a circular business model that futureproofs production, reduces reliance on scarce resources, cuts GHG emissions and waste, and fosters sustainable growth and enhanced competitiveness.

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Future ecological city


AFRY is assisting financial institutions and their clients in creating biodiversity management and nature-positive strategies by evaluating projected sectoral dependencies and impacts in line with SBTN. AFRY is also developing new methods for effectively managing spatially explicit geodata and implementing screening methodologies for efficient biodiversity management. All in all, key actions to help players take on reasonable financial risk to capture the green upside.


Water is essential for all life. It is a shared, critical resource directly linked to climate change, biodiversity and human rights, and its importance in global value chains is increasing. Every industry needs water, and numerous industries face water-related risks through their supply chains as they depend on energy and resources from water-intensive sectors. Furthermore, suppliers might operate in regions that experience water stress for at least part of the year.

Amidst growing water challenges, AFRY provides holistic water advisory, aiding businesses in water stewardship. We assist our clients in strategic planning related to sustainable water use and management and regulatory compliance. In addition, we provide tailor-made solutions to our clients' concrete challenges, ensuring that water stewardship becomes an integrated part of business operations and value creation.

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Social responsibility

AFRY conducted a social baseline study for a global mining company to enhance their social performance and community investment strategy. Additionally, AFRY acted as a lenders advisor in producing environmental and social studies and action plans for a power plant project in Central Africa.

Sustainable investments

AFRY supported a large, listed pension fund with energy and carbon market modelling services, to analyse and better understand the climate and transition risks in the investment portfolio. A comprehensive quantitative model was developed to help the client model the portfolio and assess risks against various climate scenarios and net zero trajectories. The work was part of an even larger scope, where various impact in the portfolio were analysed and quantified.

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Tiina Kähö - Johtaja, yritysvastuu, ESG ja raportointi

Tiina Kähö

Senior Principal and Co-head of Sustainability Consulting, AFRY Management Consulting

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Daniel Loschacoff - Senior Principal and Co-head of Sustainability Consulting, AFRY Management Consulting

Daniel Loschacoff

Senior Principal and Co-head of Sustainability Consulting, AFRY Management Consulting

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