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Technical Documentation

Have you thought about that a good system or a well-designed product will reach its full potential only when it is clear how it should be used and managed in the best possible way? 

Audience-adapted information contributes to the experience of high quality and the actual security. Expensive production downtime and personal injuries can be avoided while reducing support costs. In many cases, technical information is also a legal requirement for being able to launch a product.  

Our experience spans several technical disciplines as well as pedagogy, communication and information over a wide variety of industries, such as energy, automotive, life science, medical device development, food processing, telecom and IT.  

Good information adds values to your products and services that you do not want to miss out on! Ask us about how technical communication can increase the value of your product or project.  


Our Offering: 
  • Manuals and catalogs 

  • Training and E-learning 

  • Online help, UX-writing and software documentation 

  • Information structures, processes and Content Management Systems  

  • Analysis of information and target groups 

  • Illustration, visualization and layout 

Frida Lövgren

Team Leader, Technical Documentation, Malmö

Tomas A Johansson

Section Manager, Technical Communication, Göteborg