Transmission mast in sunlight

Transmission and Distribution

Finding economically and environmentally sustainable ways to transmit electricity 

Maintaining energy security and creating a low carbon future are key challenges and renewable energy plays a vital, strategic role in meeting our energy needs, now and in the future. 

Almost two-thirds of net additions to global power capacity over the next five years will come from renewable energy. We are proud to support you in your role on this sustainable path and to successfully contribute together to a secure energy supply. 

Addressing the challenges of a changing power sector

In addressing the challenges of a changing power sector, upgraded grid infrastructures are instrumental in adopting the future generation mix and to guarantee an economic and reliable power supply. 

Whether you need services for initial planning and development through to design implementation, we bring the breadth of know-how needed to drive clear decisions and build solid infrastructure for the power transmission and distribution industry. 

We are a global partner, but we also know our local markets, stay close to our clients and help them navigate the regulations that govern them. We aim to support our clients to guarantee safe and reliable operation of electrical power systems today and into the future. 

Clients looking to reduce costs and optimise assets turn to us for cutting edge solutions. From high-end engineering to project implementation and design, we deliver expert services. 

Our key competences

  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Commercial Delivery 
  • Local Market Knowledge 
  • Global Scope 
  • Planning and Development 
  • Implementation 
Frank Jarosch
Head of Transmission & Distribution, Energy Division