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Wastewater treatment

AFRY’s services within wastewater treatment

AFRY develops and optimises water treatment plants and processes

Wastewater management is at the heart of environmental protection, because it seeks to avoid the pollution of our precious rivers, lakes and shores. When properly planned and executed, modern wastewater treatment is a concrete example of sustainable development, resource efficiency and cleantech.

Whether you need help with an individual process challenge or with a large-scale plant investment, we can help you through the entire lifecycle – from preliminary studies to operational support. Our engineering, construction management, operation & maintenance optimization and risk management expertise is at your disposal.

When developing wastewater treatment, we act as independent advisors, helping you to take into account the economic impact as well as the ecological requirements in order to select the appropriate technology.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

We are actively involved in the design and construction supervision of wastewater treatment plants, with a size ranging from 100 population equivalent to more than five million population equivalent.

In designing plants, we keep in mind all relevant technologies, including green techniques and membrane technology for high performance compact plants. We provide innovative solutions for sludge handling, such as fluidised bed incineration, solar drying and reed bed filtering.

Our services include:

  • Design, tendering and construction supervision
  • Exhaust air treatment
  • Operating and energy optimization
  • Elaboration of service and operating instructions

Process and plant design 

We master the entire value chain of water, wastewater and sludge. Our process and plant design services cover all elements, from water intake to wastewater and sludge treatment.

Services for water utilities:

  • Process studies (alternative studies)
  • Process dimensioning
  • Special studies of process units
  • Process procurement services
  • Pilot researches, site engineering, supervision and commissioning services.

Plant design includes layout, mechanical, piping, structural, architectural, HVAC and EIA design as well as procurement services and construction management

Our know-how includes 3D plant design, modelling of WWTPs’ biological waste water treatment processes, modelling of water basins, design of advanced sludge pumping as well as energy studies.

Reijo Kuivamäki - Head of Business Unit, Water Finland
Reijo Kuivamäki
Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

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