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Water networks

AFRY’s services within water networks

At AFRY, we are experts in the design and renovation of water networks for communities and industries.

Growing cities need to ensure that all citizens have access to water. At the same time, many existing water networks are in urgent need of renovation. When developing water distribution, modern methods can greatly improve the reliability and efficiency of water networks. We provide comprehensive services for water network design, network modelling and renovation.

Our expertise covers the design of transmission lines and pumping stations from preliminary design to operations. We have long experience in planning challenging renovations and of moving transmission lines in dense urban environments. Furthermore, we have decades of experience in designing water networks within industrial plants.

Examples of our services:

  • Studies of water networks locations and assets
  • Investment programs for new construction and renovation
  • Design of special fittings and structures for water networks (valves, wells/pits)
  • Design of collecting systems, pumping stations, booster stations, reservoirs
  • Hydraulic studies of networks, dimensioning and modelling services of networks ((function and capacity, flooding investigations)
  • Pipeline dimensioning
  • Renovation design of water networks
  • Maintenance of water network maps
  • Developing and modelling studies of water networks
  • Hydraulic modelling of transmission lines and hydraulic impact analysis
  • Hydraulic design of transmission lines
  • Capacity analysis of drains
  • Strategic planning for the conversion and expansion of water and waste water systems
  • Cost calculations and financial modelling
  • Procurement
  • Project management, supervision
  • Operational support
Reijo Kuivamäki - Head of Business Unit, Water Finland
Reijo Kuivamäki
Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

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