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Water treatment and supply

AFRY’s solutions within water treatment and supply

At AFRY, we provide the full range of services needed to ensure clean drinking water throughout the world.

Clean water is a pre-requisite for life. Our water treatment services cover all phases in municipal water and industrial water projects. We have carried out a variety of feasibility studies and process studies before the investment decision.

During the project execution we provide detailed design, construction management and commissioning services. Furthermore, we support water utilities during operations with management consulting and technical consulting. Our special expertise includes risk management, comparisons between different implementation methods and scenarios, as well as strong capabilities in energy systems.

Drinking water safety expertise is applied to avoid lengthy interruptions in supply that create major problems for society. Preventive work is needed in the form of contingency planning, risk and vulnerability analyses and systematic safety work.

AFRY's vast experience in the water sector forms a solid basis to tackle this challenge and is guided by our universal objective to find "clean water for all in need".

Our experience

Ground and surface water studies and modelling, integrated water resources management, water management master plans, development of water supply processes, water transmission and supply networks, water pumping stations, works and treatment plants, water storage facilities, water loss reduction and non-revenue water analysis.

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Peder Häggström

Team Leader, Water Sweden

Kristian Sahlstedt

Business development, Water Finland

Roland Beyer

Section Head, Water, Erfurt, Germany

Thomas von Kürten

Business Development Manager, Water Switzerland

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