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Waterways and hydraulic engineering

Technical and environmental expertise for waterways and hydraulic engineering services

At AFRY, we know how to protect natural and manmade waterways

Waterways have a multifunctionality as a traffic route, biotope, drinking and service water reservoir and recreation room.

Technical and environmental expertise allows us to provide holistic solutions for port facilities, canal and coastal protection structures, dams, weirs, lock gates, docks, flood retention basins and much more. Whenever necessary, our specialist planners from the fields of transport, water and the environment work together to design all the lines, bridges and roads to accompany the waterways. We also design the hydropower plants, dams and pumped storage plants. Our expertise in hydraulic engineering covers all areas of hydraulic construction.

We always aim at sustainable methods such as natural design of river courses, banks and regulatory structures, protecting biodiversity and the landscape. For locks, barrages and weirs, we design fish passages. We also support our customers with hydrological analyses and nature conservation plans and reports.

Intensive land use as well as the technical development of waterways is a challenge to natural biotopes. With a targeted renaturation we can limit this process and thus contribute to the preservation of the natural habitat.

To ensure our clients meet also their environmental goals, we monitor the long-term changes and effects of the activities carried out. These can include environmental monitoring of the flora and fauna as well as surveys of biological water quality, and much more.

Our approach and benefits for the client:

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Design for long service life
  • Wide range of services available from one source
  • Experience in demanding projects
Reijo Kuivamäki - Head of Business Unit, Water Finland
Reijo Kuivamäki
Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

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