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AFRY Smart Site

AFRY Smart Site is a portfolio of digital services and products that cover everything you need to design, implement and operate an Industry 4.0 compliant and fully digital enterprise.

A digital enterprise has all its operational (OT), engineering (ET) and IT data available for agile digital development with seamless integrations across the entire value chain. Operational performance is optimised through value-adding digital use cases powered by advanced analytics, AI and Advanced Process Control (APC). A truly digital company is on a steady path towards fully autonomous operations.

Value chains of manufacturing companies will increasingly rely on data and digital tools. A digital company has full control over its own data and all digital applications and ensures the cybersecurity of its operations.

The time for digital experimentation is over: the technologies and methods for creating a fully digital enterprise are clear. AFRY Smart Site is a portfolio of services and tools that includes everything needed to realise a digital strategy: digital assessments and roadmaps, digital architecture design, platforms and tools, and digital applications leveraging AFRY's thorough technical and process expertise.

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Digitalisation expertise with global reach
AFRY knows how to engineer and design a fully digital enterprise. Digital experts can be reached anywhere in the world.

AFRY Smart Site Competence Centres

The AFRY Smart Site offering is delivered through eight Competence Centres. Together they form a comprehensive portfolio of digital services. This expertise is available around the globe through our local digital consultants who work closely with our customers.

Greenfield digital design Arrow pointing right
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Designing a fully digital production site
  • Digital Architecture & ET-OT-IT integrations​

  • Digital engineering platform ​

  • Engineering data softwares (e.g. ProElina)​

  • Document management solutions​

  • Customer plant digital twin ​

  • Virtual Site Environment (VSE)​

  • System design and applications​

  • 3D solutions​


N.N. Finland

Digital Strategy Arrow pointing right
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Transforming an existing business into a digital enterprise
  • Digital strategy roadmap and blueprints​

  • Digital readiness and maturity assessment​

  • Digital transformation (working model and processes)​

  • System design and applications (e.g. ERP)​

  • ET-OT-IT integrations​

  • Connectivity and cloud solutions​

  • Cyber security assessments


Contact person: Asle Davidsen, Norway

AFRY Smart Platform Arrow pointing right
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Best-in-class tools to support digital transformation
  • AFRY Smart Platform​

  • Root cause analysis ​

  • Machine learning​

  • Artificial intelligence​

  • Application Store​

  • Application development tools


Contact person: Diego Mariano, Latin America

Smart Utility Applications Arrow pointing right
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AFRY's unique digital applications to optimise operations
  • Water management tools​

  • Energy management tools​

  • Paper machine suite​

  • Predictive maintenance solutions ​

  • Health & Safety applications


Contact person: Cesar Nuez, Spain

Smart Manufacturing Applications Arrow pointing right
Smart industry
AFRY's tools to optimise manufacturing: MES, OEE, ...
  • AFRY Improve​

  • Production support and MES solutions​

  • Aveva and OSIsoft applications​

Contact person: David Andersson, Sweden

Enterprise Systems Arrow pointing right
employee working on computer in an office
SAP and other 3rd party consulting with industry understanding
  • SAP DM implementations​

  • SAP upagrade recommentadtions​

  • SAP MII migration​

  • ABB Condition Monitoring offering​

  • Other 3rd parties’ software offerings​

Contact person: Flavio Maeda, Latin America

AI and Machine Learning Arrow pointing right
Practical AI and ML applications and tools for any kind of optimisation challenge
  • AI and Machine Learning products​

  • TQA products and automated test applications


Contact person: Kalle Ahola, Finland

Advanced Process Control Arrow pointing right
Process industries
Advanced tools for any kind of process automation challenge
  • Balance+​

  • Turbine controls​

  • System design and applications (e.g. DCS)​

  • Robotics​

  • Signal analytics​

  • Simulations


Contact person: Ossi Laitinen, Finland

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Kai Vikman - Chief Operating Officer, Process Industries Division

Kai Vikman

Chief Operating Officer, Process Industries Division

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Mikael Maasalo - Vice President for Advanced Automation and Energy Solutions

Mikael Maasalo

Vice President for Advanced Automation and Energy Solutions

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