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AFS 2017:3 - Safe use and control of pressurized devices

Safe way of work through compliance

The purpose of the regulation AFS 2017: 3 is to prevent incidents and accidents when using pressurized devices.

The first steam boiler association was formed in 1895​ by AFRY. The intention was to prevent accidents through repeated inspections of pressurized devices. ​AFRY has since worked to improve safety and the working environment for our customers, regardless of business or industry.

AFRY's offer is intended to create an understanding of requirements and opportunities, show the need for measures and implement them in order to comply with regulation AFS 2017: 3. A structured way of working in line with regulations also increases reliability in the facility with less disruption and improved operating economy as a result.

Complete Service package

AFRY offer a Complete Service package for complying with AFS 2017:3 In order to achieve best possible efficiency in supporting our clients in questions and commitments regarding AFS 2017: 3, we have gathered our expertise in teams. The offer also includes continuous support to fulfill the regulation over time.

Our offer includes:  

  • Course in AFS 2017:3

  • GAP analysis

  • Risk analysis

  • Classification

  • Routines for Continuous Reviews

  • Life length Journal

  • Support

Start with a risk assessment

In the Swedish Work Environment Authority's regulation AFS 2017:3 Use and control of pressurized devices (AFS 2017:3), for example, For example, there are requirements for constant monitoring of the devices unless risk assessment can show that monitoring can be done in another way. We always recommend an initial GAP analysis to identify the need for measures, then we create a plan for the implementation, together with the customer.

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Collect all
Zert RM: AFRY’s cloud-based Risk Management program.

Prepare for the certification

Although the requirement for personal certification has been postponed from 1 December 2022 to 1 December 2025, the issue is still relevant. Does the boiler operator have the right skills to perform the work in a safe and efficient manner?

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Company-based training

Are there more of you who need training?
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Hans Bjarnehed - Sales Manager, Business Area Specialized Technical Services

Hans Bjarnehed

Sales Manager, Business Area Specialized Technical Services

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