AFRY has participated in over 80% of all advanced biofuels projects in the Nordics.

Our deep knowledge and expertise in bio-based feedstock handling, combined with thorough chemical process industry, oil refining and petrochemicals competence, ensure a trusted and technology independent partner for delivering sustainable advanced transportation biofuels projects. We offer a one-stop shop for advisory, design and project management services from early studies to EPCM projects and start-up and support clients in CAPEX projects as well and offer long-term support for OPEX services throughout the plant lifecycle.

Biofuels are playing a significant role in mitigating climate change and shaping a sustainable future. The targets defined by the EU and governances are setting an ambition that will require a significant amount of development and investments in this sector. European regulations have created a vast market for advanced biofuels with currently a limited supply.

The mandated demand of 10 Mtoe of advanced biofuels alone would correspond to around 100 new biorefineries, requiring a capital investment of 30–50 billion Euros. In addition, due to the emission reduction targets in non-ETS 1  sectors, we expect the demand for liquid biofuels to be significantly higher than outlined in RED II.

With over 15 years of experience in advanced biofuels, we are proud to provide advice and expert insights, and project implementation services that support the decarbonization of the transportation sector. Our expertise covers the full range of advanced biofuels from renewable diesel to ethanol and biogas and to various feedstocks and residues. We serve our clients in all geographic regions from our home market of Europe to Southeast Asia and the Americas.

As a technology-independent consultant, we help our clients identify and choose the best possible alternatives – and deliver a safe, sustainable, and cost-effective end result. Our expertise and process know-how, supported by globally integrated engineering and project management tools, ensure effective project execution and further plant operations.

At AFRY, we are passionate about helping our clients to navigate the biofuels industry and work towards a more sustainable future for society.


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Tuukka Sormunen - Head of Chemicals and Biorefining

Tuukka Sormunen

Head of Chemicals and Biorefining

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  • 1. Any company or body within the EU that emits a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions is included in the Emissions Trading System, commonly known as the ETS. This includes large industries, electricity generators, and the aviation industry. All greenhouse gas emissions that are not from companies in the ETS are called non-ETS emissions. Non-ETS emissions include greenhouse gas emissions from homes, cars, small businesses and agriculture. These are often collectively called the non-ETS sector.

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