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Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics

Sound is one of the most important factors in spaces where people work, live, and thrive. Creating a good sound environment in buildings means preventing unnecessary noise from disturbing our daily lives, while taking into account human behaviour and reinforcing positive experiences.

What is the sound environment like in your facilities? Have the people’s needs and what they should experience been taken into account? Different spaces require different sound environments. For example, the building construction requirements for churches and concert halls are completely different than those for a train station. So the focus should be on developing an acoustic solution that gives the right effect.

Efterklang is the largest acoustics company in Scandinavia. We are also a leader in sound design for both indoor and outdoor environments. We are accustomed to working with environmental classification systems such as Breeam, LEED, and Green Building. The earlier we come into the process, the easier it is to find solutions that are both cost effective and architecturally appealing. So you can create the right experience for the people using your facilities. 


  • Architectual acoustic design
  • Environmental standards
  • Building acoustic measurements
  • Room acoustic modelling
  • Room acoustic fieldmeasurements
  • Building services noise and vibration
  • Sound design
  • Soundscaping

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