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Chemical Industry

We work across the pulp and paper industry including for key suppliers, such as machinery and chemicals. Over a decade ago AFRY built a model, “Kimiya” which builds on AFRY’s deep understanding of the sector and it chemical usage to provide a dynamic outlook for pulp and paper chemicals.

The share of chemicals of the total manufacturing cost of paper can vary significantly by paper grade. Chemicals often cover 20-25% of the manufacturing cost of high quality coated paper as well as coated paperboards and many specialty paper grades. On the other hand, in virgin fibre based tissue production the share of chemicals can be only around 2% of the total manufacturing costs.

Pulp and paper demand consumptions and growth rates vary significantly by region and grade. Knowledge of these combines with Pöyry’s understanding of typical pulp and paper recipes, and chemical costs, in AFRY’s Kimiya model to clear show consumptions, values and growth rates for chemicals used in this sector. This unique tool is an invaluable resource and key in providing intelligence and insights into the sector.

Key offerings:

  • Corporate and business strategy, and implementation
  • Market insight and modelling
  • Transactions and due diligence
David Powlson - Director Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting
David Powlson
Director Bioindustry, AFRY Management Consulting

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