City view (Stockholm)

Community Noise & Vibration

Sound makes environments pleasant

Every day we are exposed to a variety of unwanted noise in our society. Despite legislation and technological advances, the overall balance of community noise, such as from cars, trains, airplanes, and construction, has risen sharply in recent decades. This makes it even more important to identify noisy situations and create pleasant social environments that make people feel good.

Community noise affects our well-being more than you might think and is now a growing environmental problem. Around two million people in Sweden are exposed to noise that affects their health, and half of them have noise problems in or near their homes. But by amplifying and adding sounds that gives positive associations, environments are perceived more positively and more enjoyable to spend time in.

It is increasingly important to identify noisy situations at an early stage, thus increasing the possibility of finding cost-effective solutions.  Efterklang has an enormous bank of experience with over 25,000 projects in societal noise. We conduct noise surveys and implement subsequent action plans with protective measures in both existing and planned environments for a number of municipalities and authorities.


  • Traffic noise assessments
  • Environmental noise mapping
  • Noise management action plans
  • Noise measurements
  • Ground borne vibration assessments
  • Vibration measurements and risk analysis
  • Soundscaping