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Concept Development

We live in a period of large scale questions. There are four big revolutions ongoing: digital, material, energy and sustainability. In all of these areas and especially at the intersection of these, the answers and solutions can and need to be found for our clients.

The main task of Concept Development is making future by rapidly developing, marketing, selling and delivering new offerings for the questions our clients ask – or we anticipate they need to ask. We do this by offering solutions instead of problems, constantly using our own AI-based trend services to get in front of the main questions to come – or the truly hard ones already on the front pages.

Questions have no limits, neither should offerings. However, we are now especially in digital (e.g. AI), materials (e.g. bio-based new products from biochemicals to advanced biocomposites) and difficult large-scale solutions from climate roadmaps to technology mapping. We work across sectors, combining management consulting with technological knowhow in e.g. chemicals, forest industry, energy and consumer products sectors. We also work across management consulting to combine the best expertise with the newest offerings.


The offerings of Concept Development are meant to change and develop – and also surprise when relevant. Some of the key areas now are
  • Startup services
  • AI-based solutions from trend analysis to price forecasts, market dynamics and consumer analysis
  • Technology assessment and forecasts from digital to materials
  • Plastics substititution and #PlasticsToBio
  • Lignin Club
Petri Vasara
Vice President, Management Consulting, Finland

Dr Petri Vasara has over 25 years of experience in management consulting. During his career, his task has been to constantly evolve new business areas...

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