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Cyber Security Operations

We design solutions and build capability to detect cyber security breaches in time.

As the cyber security landscape is evolving rapidly, the right protection against potential cyberattacks requires rapid monitoring and response. One of the most important aspects when it comes to cyber security incidents is the time that goes before an incident is remediated. The longer time between the incident occurring and the detection and response, the greater the damage and expenses to the organisation.

Within Cyber Security operations AFRY offers cyber security solution partnerships to meet your complex challenges. We combine our industrial cyber security competence and services together with our partnerships and tailor solutions to your specific cyber security challenges and need.

AFRY is an independent advisor on how to best protect your organization from cyber threats. Our expertise and extensive experience in establishing safe, secure, and reliable solutions, allows us to support you in all levels of the organisation and at all points in the life cycle of your operations. We are uniquely positioned to provide world-class domain knowledge related to your field of operations and provide market leading expertise in industrial cyber security

You will work closely with our independent expert advisors that provide best-practice experience from your own industry as well as inspiration from other industries. We combine our cyber security expertise with market-leading knowledge in operational, environmental, and commercial aspect to ensure all security initiatives are designed and implemented in a way that is fully aligned with the goals and strategies of your operation.

Giving Advice
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Our Cyber Security offerings

Filip Enander - Business Unit Manager Cyber Security
Filip Enander
Business Unit Manager Cyber Security

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