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Data Analytics, BI, & AI

Data Analytics, Business intelligence and Artificial Intelligence

At AFRY we have a very business-oriented and progressive view of using data. We encourage people, even those without a technical background, to participate in the discussion of AI, BI, and Data analytics and their use to create a better future for everyone.

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We believe that Data Analytics, BI, and AI are essential tools to progress towards a safe and sustainable future since they help you visualise data, gain better insights, and present data driven suggestion for your business. Therefore, we offer end-to-end guidance wherever your business may be in the data maturity journey.

We are also uniquely able to offer a deep domain knowledge to sectors such as infrastructures, industry, and energy since we work closely with AFRY’s 2000 digital specialists and 15 000 technical experts within these field to achieve the best results possible for your business.

The difference between BI, Data analytics and AI
The Data Maturity Curve

BI, Data Analyitcs and AI

BI – What happened? Arrow pointing right

Business intelligence, BI, is the first step in using data to create a competitive advantage. BI is the process of storing, cleaning up, and visualise your raw data. This clean data then equips you with a holistic overview of your organisations which enables you to gain comprehensive, valuable, and data-driven insights.

We can help you visualise complex data, allow you to interact with the data, and provide real-time insights to equip you with the right tools to turn your raw data into business value. We can also prepare you for you next step in using data for your business, using Data Analytics.

Data Analytics – Why did it happen? Arrow pointing right

Data analytics is the process of using simple programs to analyse the data gathered and stored from BI to gain actionable insights into why things happened. Data analytics involves examining data gathered from previous events to identify patterns to explain why a certain behaviour occurred. This analysis of your data then enables you to make quick, effective, and data-driven decisions.

We can help you to understand why events occurred and make the data driven decisions to create more value. This will also prepare you for the next step in your data maturity journey, using AI to predict future events.

AI – What will happen and what to do? Arrow pointing right

Using Artificial Intelligence, AI, in your business is about predicting the future and changing it. The applications of AI in business are vast it can prove to be a tool for forecasting, optimising, or controlling a complicated process. But at the core of AI lies data by which the mission is to help solve both tedious and very complex problems in an intelligent and accurate way.

Leveraging our expertise in the forefront of AI, we can support your business to help you integrate the latest and most advanced AI tools. This will effectively streamline and optimize your operations, propelling your business into the future. Furthermore, our extensive knowledge spans various digital solutions, such as:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Digital Twins
  • Computer Vision
  • Sensor Fusion and Perception
  • Forecasting
  • Optimization
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Dick Max-Hansen - Digital Services; AI, BI, Data Analytics
Dick Max-Hansen
Digital Services; AI, BI, Data Analytics

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