Construction at decommissioning site

Decommissioning and Dismantling

The final stages in the lifespan of a nuclear facility

We have a very comprehensive understanding of the complex issues associated with the decommissioning of nuclear facilities.

Having the technical expertise, we have handled the specific challenges of decommissioning redundant nuclear facilities for many years, and are fully conversant with the regulatory and operational requirements for decommissioning works. We are able to offer our clients support in all of their decommissioning tasks from post operational conditions through to Green Field Site.

Decommissioning services:

  • Decommissioning and dismantling studies (sequence, methods, pre-conditions, physical health, protection)
  • Nuclear hazards evaluation
  • Radioactive inventory assessment
  • Radiological measuring
  • Waste treatment studies (classification, packaging, conditioning, disposal options)
  • Site monitoring / supervision
  • Review of dismantling and waste treatment procedures
  • Safety assessment with regard to nuclear safeguards (environmental impact, radiation protection, internal & external hazards)
  • Licensing support (operation, decommissioning, site clearance)
Dénes József
Head of Nuclear, Energy Division

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