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Digitalisation and Smart Site

Optimising industrial plant processes and operations with Smart Site

Our industry 4.0 solution Smart Site is a suite of services utilising digitalisation, through which industrial plant processes and operations can be optimised in terms of efficiency, safety and quality, while promoting sustainable development.

Smart Site’s toolbox gathers all of an industrial plant's operations related to digitalisation, combining the applications of the entire value chain into a single-source-of-truth (SSOT). It combines data from different sources and levels (ET-IT-OT) into one place that can be then used via different applications and seen via visualization, dashboards or for example in virtual reality.

Industrial operators are moving more and more towards digital solutions. Understanding the big picture and taking all opportunities into account requires deep technical knowledge of digital solutions but also understanding of industrial processes. The variety of solutions in the markets is wide and finding the optimal toolbox for your use may feel difficult. We as independent technology consultant can help you to create the ecosystem of suppliers that serves your operations the most optimal way. All of this has proven to lead to an increase in profitability. The service utilises the latest technological solutions, such as Big Data, A.I., Machine Learning and Machine Vision.

Smart Site improves industrial operator operations by using digital technologies and methods aligned with Industry 4.0 framework. Industrial companies can take advantage of the data and make use of it with a number of different applications. They can touch various operations in the industrial site from raw material handling to ready-made products delivered to the customers and market analytics. All this including the connectivity and the data platform is provided in the service from us.

Our key competences:
  • Virtual site software & platform (SSOT, Single-Source-of-Truth)
  • Virtual reality and visualizations
  • Industry 4.0 and ISA -95 and digital strategy road map planning (digital maturity assessment)
  • Advanced control products and applications (platform solutions, Digester KAPPA, Tall Oil optimisation, KRTI 4.0, AFRY Pulse production optimisation and other)
  • Plant data analytics (simulations, Machine Learning ML, Artificial Intelligence AI)
  • Cyber security
  • Machine Vision
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Kai Vikman - Chief Operating Officer, Process Industries Division
Kai Vikman
Chief Operating Officer, Process Industries Division

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