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E-Mobility Consulting

As one of the world’s leading electric mobility advisors, we can help you transform your business and capitalise on new opportunities.

Changing government policies on decarbonisation in the mobility sector, and the global move towards net zero, have led to a series of challenges and opportunities for new and existing companies in the sector.

AFRY is uniquely placed at the intersection of technology, engineering, and market knowledge to support clients in this transition:

  • The growth of electric mobility requires investment in charging infrastructure. We model the pace of growth and the type of infrastructure needed.
  • Additional electricity demand from EVs creates a challenge for electricity networks. We provide insight through our state-of-the-art BID3 power market modelling software.
  • Vehicle charging infrastructure is a new type of network. We advise our clients, in both the private and public sectors, on new market entry and design, and regulations.

Our team of e-mobility consultants provides strategic advice across four major areas to support clients in building out EV charging infrastructure:

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We develop cohesive strategy to underpin effective expansion of the electric vehicle charging network

AFRY has expertise in helping clients develop tailored strategies, business models and business cases in the rapidly evolving market. A successful charging strategy for electric vehicles needs to consider customer behaviour, market characteristics, the competitive landscape, and synergies with existing activities.

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We use world-leading modelling tools to define and optimise charging tariffs

We are helping electricity suppliers optimise their offering for electric vehicle owners, analysing a wide variety of possible business models with different revenue streams. To evaluate the future developments of the EV market, we use our transport sector model (Move) to provide an analysis of scenarios which can help our clients avoid stranded investments.

We help clients in defining suitable tariffs for their charging services, considering factors such as the customer's price acceptance, the real cost, impact of pricing on charging behaviour for optimal use of grid and renewable energies, as well as regulatory limits.

Electric vehicle charging in front of house with solar panels
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We help clients to establish / scale up their EV charging infrastructure network

We advise clients in scaling up their electric vehicle charging infrastructure network through program management. Charge Point Operators (CPOs) are entering into large-scale deployments. Therefore, operations must be optimised, new organisations and processes will need to be required, and IT services must be strengthened.

We are supporting charging point developers and operators to understand the economics and regulatory aspects of their business. We provide

  • strategic advice on location and business models;
  • planning advice for charging networks; and
  • engineering services and installing equipment on-site.
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We advise our clients on acquisition and investment opportunities

Whilst electric vehicle charging is an attractive market, there are complex technical, regulatory and financial challenges. Our team of energy consultants helps businesses identify acquisition targets and investment opportunities, supporting transactions in acquiring companies or selling stakes.

As the e-mobility sector grows rapidly, new opportunities are created for companies to profit from diversifying revenues. Our unique combination of engineering, commercial and economic knowledge allows us to advise clients on all aspects of e-mobility.

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Supporting a wide range of market players: We advise electricity suppliers, grid companies, electric vehicle charge point operators, fleet operators and other service companies.

Innovation: We help clients innovate to enter new technology markets. We identify and assess new business models, trading opportunities and use cases, helping our clients to stay commercially and strategically relevant.

Commercial and technical due diligence: Together with our transactions practice, we advise on M&A in the sector, providing commercial and technical due diligence on charging networks, battery schemes, etc.

Assisting the public sector: We provide studies for governments, regulators and regulated companies, investigating the socio-economic impact of the electric vehicle roll-out itself, or different market design options with regards to electricity and EV charging networks.

We advise municipalities and local councils on strategies to drive growth in charging infrastructure, e.g., public vs. private investment or the regulatory environment.

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Supporting the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network for electric vehicles in Southern Europe

AFRY is supporting Atlante in its goal of developing the largest fast and ultra-fast charging network for electric vehicles in Southern Europe. Their goal is to install approximately 35,000 charging points over 9,000 sites across Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

AFRY assessed how the French regulatory framework affects the deployment and operation of its EV charging infrastructure roll out. Find out more below.

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Establishing a Greek Smart City

LAMDA Development awarded AFRY with a contract for the creation of a Technology Master Plan for the Smart City and Smart Energy solutions in their “The Ellinikon” development. The project aims to create "a state-of-the-art smart urban area that pioneers the future of living, working and entertainment through the use of technology to create conditions of sustainability and serve the needs of tomorrow".

Find out more about AFRY's involvement in the project below.

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