Forest and Biomass

Pioneering the development and application of state-of-the-art solutions for sustainable forestry and wood/biomass supply around the world. Strategies to define the best approaches and technologies to enhance shareholder value and operational efficiency.

As the world’s population grows, so does our demand for fibre, fuel and food. All three need land, and forestry is facing increasing competition for land and water. While bioindustry development is booming, natural forest resources will not be enough and plantation forestry must renew its operations as well. Moving beyond supplying pulp and paper producers and wood products manufacturers, global forestry players must now meet increasing demands from new bioproducts and bioenergy producers, compete for land and water with food growers, deal with changing societal beliefs about sustainability, and comply with complex environmental regulations.

Forestry plantations also play an important role in creating a low-carbon world. Increasing scarcity of land and water means that we need to be able to increase productivity and produce more from less. This calls for efficient utilisation of land and biotechnologies to meet the needs of local and global markets. Plantations can also decrease the pressure on natural forests, since they often produce raw materials that would otherwise be sourced from natural forests.

But what are the solutions that will help forest operators to respond to increasing demand, increase efficiency and increase productivity? Understanding and foreseeing the whole supply chain is the starting point. Digital solutions created during the last few years will help operators to tackle issues with wood supply chain management – from planting to forest management and from harvesting to logistics. Forest operators must identify the most relevant digital solutions, establish partner networks and create an ecosystem, as well as establish relevant analytics and optimisation systems to ensure high-quality decision making.


Key offerings:

  • Strategy
  • Sourcing and supply chain
  • Forests and climate change, carbon capture
  • Transactions and Due Diligence
  • Market analyses and forecasting
  • Operational excellence
Hannes Lechner - Director, AFRY Management Consulting
Hannes Lechner
Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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