Future Industri Training Programme

Future Industry Training Program

Established and emerging digital technologies lead to new ways of doing business across all industry sectors. Shared knowledge is the foundation to accelerate the digital transformation to increase production efficiency and flexibility. AFRY’s Future Industry Training Program helps your company with just that.

We meet customers on a daily basis struggling with their digital transformation. What we have learned is that our customers do not need a digital strategy; they need a strategy for a digitalised world. Education on all levels is the foundation to start the transformation journey. Therefore, we offer education for the whole company to lead you towards industry 4.0.  

Understanding technologies at the core of Industry 4.0 is only a start. True transformation is fuelled by new ways of thinking and a clear and a clear understanding of added business value. This is where impact mapping and innovation makes all the difference within digital transformation. With AFRY’s training program for Future Industry you become an early adopter rather than late adapter of digital technology initiatives.  

AFRY’s Future Industry Training Program combines several key elements necessary to achieve business impact:  
  • Education on technological bases to achieve business value

  • Future concepts driving industry changes  

  • Impact mapping and innovation  

Our subject matter experts will provide a basic understanding of digital concepts and technologies. This will be done in a manner accessible to target groups across all levels of the organisation. While we are experienced in both technology and facilitating change, the true experts in the room will be your employees. By establishing a minimum level of familiarity within technologies as a common platform, the real work of innovation can begin. We see your employees as the true experts and agents of change within the digitalised manufacturing.

As training provider AFRY brings expertise within impact mapping to the program through our inUse brand within business and system design. We will facilitate the creation of new ideas on the spot through an innovation kickstart workshop.

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