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Hydrogen as the key to deep decarbonisation

At AFRY, we believe that low-carbon and renewable hydrogen is key to achieving deep decarbonisation in the industrial, transport, heat and power sectors. Our consultants and engineers are at the forefront of the shift to clean energy, helping clients to realise innovative ground-breaking projects.

Our expertise spans the hydrogen value chain, from thought leadership and business concept design to feasibility studies and project implementation. We support our clients in all aspects of the transition to low carbon and renewable hydrogen, providing advice as well as technical engineering support.

Accelerating the move to low carbon and renewable hydrogen will require coordination and collaboration across developers, power and gas networks, industry, policy makers and investors. This is not without its challenges and significant effort will be required to overcome the technical and economic barriers.  

We are committed to progressing past these barriers, together with our clients. This involves developing new processes to use hydrogen for green steel or green ammonia production, undertaking detailed market analysis and modelling or helping policy makers design support mechanisms and regulatory frameworks. 

As part of AFRY, our team is backed by 16,000 engineers, designers and advisors within infrastructure, industry and energy who are at the cutting-edge of technology and have collective expertise that spans industries and geographies.

Contact for any aspect of your hydrogen related project

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Jose Torres Carmona

Department Head Thermal & Renewable, EMEA, Switzerland

John Williams

Head of Hydrogen Expertise Cluster, AFRY Management Consulting
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Ilkka Rantanen

Head of Competence Line, Chemicals and Biorefining, Process Industries Finland