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Industry Noise

Industry Noise

A quieter industrial environment and quieter machines can increase efficiency, safety, and comfort, while making your industrial business more profitable. If you are quick to demonstrate what you are doing to reduce disturbances, you will also increase the likelihood of a good dialogue with the neighbours. It all hinges on sound and vibration.

When a Swedish industrial business is planning to enlarge or reconstruct, consideration needs to be given to the environment and surroundings, something that is investigated and compiled in an environmental impact assessment. Two very important components of this work are noise and vibration. By working proactively to reduce disturbances, the local residents and other stakeholders will be on your side throughout the process. Much of this is about communicating with and involving those who are affected early in the process. This will help avoid costly delays. 

Even indoor industrial environments are important, as noise often signals an ineffective and energy-intensive production system. A quiet machine is well-adjusted, providing top performance, a long life span, and maximum production for a high return on your investment. Continuously and systematically working to reduce noise also makes employees happier, and a quieter industrial environment also gives a sense of high technology and quality.


  • External industrial noise
  • Noise mapping
  • Work environment noise
  • Vibration measurements
  • Sound intensity measurements
  • Multichannel measurements
  • Acoustic engineering
  • Wind powerplant noise measurements
  • Wind powerplant noise assessments