Management Consulting for Paper

Management Consulting for Paper

We are the leading advisor for the global paper industry and all its stakeholders, working across all grades from deep commodities such as newsprint, through to high-end specialties such as banknotes and tea-bags. AFRY's sector focused expertise is uniquely positioned supported by both engineering and investment banking teams.

Paper products are all around us and an intrinsic part of day-to-day life. Printed materials have been essential for human development for hundreds of years, and over the last century many other applications have developed which are now considered to be essential.

The paper sector itself is a capital intensive and long term global industry. It has continued to develop, driven both by technology and external forces. Recent challenges have come from electronic media, exacerbated by a shift in advertising away from printed publications. At the same time there has been growth in speciality papers - labels, filtration, thermal paper, greaseproof, security paper, to name a few, as well as in packaging and tissue.

Other key developments include: recycling where paper is a key resource in the circular economy, and M&A which is ripe with opportunities seized by both financial sponsors and industrials. The paper sector continues to develop and refocus.

Key offerings:
  • Corporate and business strategy, and implementation
  • Feasibility studies and investment advisory
  • Market insight and modelling
  • Operational and business excellence
  • Investment assessments
  • Transactions and due diligence
  • Raw material supply and procurement strategies 
  • Expert witness services
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